About box version.

The wait is almost over! The Carnivores Retro Collector’s Edition PC Box has arrived and we will be packing them up and shipping them out to everyone who has ordered one. We want to thank everyone for their patience. We now fully understand what they mean when they say, “…a slow boat to China.” Once again, we apologize for the delays

So let us tell you about the Collector’s Edition PC Box, it has same size as original Carnivore boxes size and will be a perfect addition to any true Carnivores fans collection. It comes with DRM free version of a game, that has upgraded weapon with customer textures, poster with map of the islands, 40 pages color manual and hand signed signature card by original creators of the game: Yaroslav Kravchenko, Igor Karev and Artem Kuriavchenko. There’s also a small dinosaur figure included.

We will be shipping boxes to our customers as soon as we pack everything. If you haven’t purchased one yet there is still a time to do it from our website Carnivores Reborn - The Boxed Edition. Please know that we have only about 90 boxes left and we won’t be making any more, so act quick if you want one.

Thanks everybody for your patience and we’ll ship them out shortly.

All the best,

The Carnivores Team!

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