you might be interested in theses stories Frank Franklin II/Associated

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you might be interested in theses stories Frank Franklin II/Associated

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Jerry Remy, fluent in ‘baseball language,’ swings and misses - The Boston Globe
Based on what you ve read recently, you might be interested in theses stories Frank Franklin II/Associated Press Boston Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy in the booth on Tuesday during the game between the Yankees and the Red Sox. Did Jerry Remy try to check his swing?During last night s game between the Yankees and the Red Sox, with Masahiro Tanaka on the mound for New York, the broadcaster offhandedly mentioned that he didn t think interpreters should be allowed on the field during meetings at the pitcher s mound. Seriously? Dave O Brien, Remy s partner in the booth, asked incredulously. What is it you don t like about that? AdvertisementRemy reacted like he d been sitting on a fastball and had only just realized that there was, in fact, a gyroball hurtling towards him. Invented in Japan, the gyroball spins like a bullet and breaks like the curveball from hell Mark Saari Jersey. View Story Jerry Remy says non-English-speaking pitchers shouldn't get a translator Learn baseball language. You know, learn, it s pretty simple, Remy said on NESN s broadcast Tuesday. Then there was silence. On television, a second or so of silence feels like a very long time.But life, like a pitch, comes at you fast. And old Jerry couldn t hold off. Learn baseball language, Remy said. AdvertisementSwing and a miss. You know, learn. It s pretty simple, Remy said. You break it down pretty easy between pitching coach and pitcher after a long period of time. Remy has earned a loyal following by speaking baseball language by filling a long season of silences with deep knowledge of the game as it s understood inside the clubhouse, in the dugout, and on the field. His unscripted style makes longtime viewers feel like they re watching the game casually alongside someone with insight that transcends even today s advanced statistics.But this wasn t that. All over the Internet, the great umpire in the cloud was very eager to ring Remy up His comments were certainly stodgy, and even sounded an awful lot like the same xenophobic refrain that has echoed around immigrants for decades, if not longer: This is America, that one goes. Learn English.It s worth noting that, as migrant workers go, Tanaka is doing pretty well for himself He s in the middle of a 7-year, $155 million contract one he could opt out of to earn even more. If anything, the pitching coach should learn Japanese. AdvertisementOn Wednesday, Remy apologized on Twitter. In an e-mail, a spokesman for New England Sports Network said NESN does not agree with any such views expressed by Jerry Remy and we know from talking to Jerry that he regrets making them. We do not share the views expressed by Jerry Remy during last night s broadcast, a Red Sox spokeswoman said in an e-mail, and it s also worth noting that the Red Sox have made use of interpreters for their own Japanese pitchers in the past. Major League rules explicitly allow this, and actually require Spanish interpreters on every team s staff. In Japanese professional leagues, interpreters are common and foreign players learning Japanese are outliers.Why on earth anyone would be troubled by an interpreter on the mound remains kind of a mystery Ian Dretzka Jersey. (And without an interpreter, how will Tanaka know what we re shouting at him when he pitches at Fenway?) When O Brien asked that question on the broadcast essentially, why do you care about this? Remy instead described what he d prefer: baseball language, which is presumably some sort of pidgin English involving curveballs and cans of corn and pitchers-not-belly-itchers. Does Remy s objection have to do with the pace of the game? Baseball has been searching for ways to speed things up for quite some time. If so, why not ditch these little confabs at the mound entirely?In truth, there is no valid reason to punish players who don t speak English well, or the teams that sign them, by limiting their ability to communicate. It comes down to the retrograde reaction so many people have when they see someone speaking a foreign language.On Tuesday night, O Brien rightly pushed back against that. And maybe, for a silent moment, Remy realized he didn t actually have a good reason.But once you ve started your swing, it s very hard to stop.Nestor Ramos can be reached at nestor.ramos@globe. Follow him on Twitter @NestorARamos.

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