Co-op Hunting Ideas

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Co-op Hunting Ideas

Postby SaurianTarget » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:08 pm

Whether or not the game is getting any more updates/additions, I still think it's fun to pitch the ideas that I think would make Carnivores Reborn the perfect game (IMHO) :D

I've never been just the biggest fan of cooperative hunting in games, but I know tons of people have requested it in Reborn, so the appeal is there. However, given the general over-powerednenss of the sniper rifle, I think if co-op hunting was ever added to the game, it would need to be approached in a different way (just so it wouldn't be everyone picking the sniper rifle and mowing down everything in sight).

I propose co-op hunting be something called "Field Guide Mode," inspired by real-life big game safaris where the hunter relies on his hunting guide in foreign areas. It would be two-man co-op, with one player playing as the wealthy hunter, and the other as the DinoHunt Inc. field guide. The hunter would be carrying weapons only - whatever main weapon he chooses and the revolver, while the guide would have all the equipment - the MIST device, calls, rangefinder, access to the drop ship, etc. This way, players have to work together and coordinate to bring down dinosaurs. I think it would be a fun experience for Carnivores players, and would help further separate Reborn from theHunter: Primal.
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