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Fan stories

Postby tjgcrush » Fri May 22, 2015 9:34 pm

heres the first part of my story "Two booms, then silence"

As I was approaching the space station the pilot of the transport vessel said "we are going aboard in five minutes 'mate". I was amazed by the beautiful sight of the planet I was soon to be on. When I looked back from the window the pilot said "alright were here now we just have to let the airlock finish pressurizing and you'll be on your way". I watched the small cabin glow with red and then it faded away, as I heard the metal doors hiss and unlock I saw the interior of the station I was starring at the beautiful architecture and light that gleamed on all the metal and panels. While I was walking down the hall I saw a woman at a desk, she was filing her fingernails and she turned around and saw me. "You must be Mr. Gardner", I gave her a light nod "you look different from your ID card". "Five weeks in space does a lot to a man" I said "ain't got anything to shave with on the way here,I actually like my beard this way". As we were getting all of the business at the computer out of the way I heard a group of hunters walking down the hall, of the three there I saw my best friend. I walked over to him and we talked for a while about the ride here. I then brought up the subject of how his hunting trip went he said that it was just another normal afternoon for him as usual. He went back to his living quarters and the door closed behind him, the more I was here the more eager I was to get down on that planet. I went further down the hall and I went into the room were all the new hunters go to learn about the planets islands and the creatures that inhabit it, most importantly we also talked about gun safety and how to use our devices properly. After the instructional videos were over and we were shown to our living quarters and given our hunting uniforms the company's C.E.O came out of his office to greet all of us and get to know each other while we still can. I walked towards the man and he was just done talking to some hunters, the man was sharply dressed and was very polite, as he turned around he said with a nice accent "Hello Mr. Gardner I am Mr. Kravchenko I am the man behind Dinohunt.Corp I hope that we can make your visit here the best it can be Mr. Gardner". We shook hands and I said "I'm already having a great time here". "Excellent" Mr. Kravchenko said "I'll be in my office getting the contracts ready for all you to sign tomorrow". "Thank you for this opportunity" I said, Mr. Kravchenko smiled and said "You best be getting ready for the day ahead". I was on my way to my living quarters and said "I will". END OF PART 1

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