Forum Rules and Regulations

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Forum Rules and Regulations

Postby PolinaBilka » Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:04 pm

General principles of Carnivores Reborn Forum:

• Each time a user logs in and/or contributes to Carnivores Reborn Forum, said user is considered to have acknowledged and accepted the provisions set out hereunder, as well as any and all amendments thereto.

• Moderators and staff have the right to remove any comments or block a user’s ability to add further comments without providing justification for any such action.

• Moderators and staff shall not bear responsibility for any comments or content posted by users on Carnivores Reborn Forum. The views and opinions posted by users shall be considered solely their own.

General principles of Internet conduct for on–line communities:

• All users are required to:
• state their opinions in a civilized manner,
• adhere to thread topics in publishing their posts,

Users may not:
• include any offers or advertisements in the body of their forum posts; content of this type is admissible in signatures, provided that it is non–commercial in nature,
• spam and/or publish posts lacking meaningful content,
• engage in spoiling the fun of other users, which includes but is not limited to ridiculing or otherwise denigrating other forum users,
• seek out loopholes in these terms and conditions with a view towards exploiting them.
• all other provisions hereunder shall apply as relevant.

Any user committing one or more of the offenses delineated above may:
• be reprimanded in writing,
• receive a written warning,
• be temporarily or permanently banned from accessing and using Carnivores Reborn Forum

Any user committing one or more of the offenses mentioned above may:
• be permanently denied access to and banned from using Carnivores Reborn Forum,
• have their e-mail address and IP reported to relevant authorities charged with prosecuting parties who commit the aforementioned offenses.

In all matters not expressly provided for hereunder, forum users shall accept and abide by the ruling(s) of forum moderators.

• Final decisions on any and all disputed matters shall rest with forum moderators, who shall base said decisions on the general principles of Internet conduct for on–line communities and on the assumption that users act in good faith.
• All complaints regarding forum moderators or appeals against their decisions shall be examined and resolved by moderators of Carnivores Reborn Forum. Submissions of this type should take the form of private communications or e-mails. Any complaint or appeal submitted otherwise shall be null and void.

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