Game Dead?

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Game Dead?

Postby Relichunter » Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:22 pm

Well, most of the steam forum is believing this game is dead. Not a peep from the devs. No patch/update in ages.

So, i'm asking out right. Is it done? Is it dead?

If so, we'd like the idea of workshop support. Let us make mods for the game we didn't expect you to drop.

If it's alive, for goodness sakes, visit the Steam Forums. look at the mountains of questions. The suggestions. The ideas.

One way of the other, a REAL answer would be swell.

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Re: Game Dead?

Postby SaurianTarget » Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:47 am

Unfortunately, we're not sure. I personally am giving the devs until around Christmas before I consider the game dead (although I'm sure I'll still check for updates out of a nagging hope haha).

This is typical behavior of the Carnivores devs, though. The mobile version will see complete silence from them for months before they release a new update without warning, it's entirely possible we could be seeing the same situation here. They did update the mobile version in late September/early October and said there will be more updates for that version at least, so they are "still around" in some form.

Has anyone tried e-mailing/direct messaging them directly? Asking on these forums aren't the most direct way of getting their attention, so asking in that way may yield more relevant results.
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