Gen Modded Dinos

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Gen Modded Dinos

Postby gabgrave » Thu Jun 04, 2015 6:33 am

So how many versions of these are there? So far I've found one per species. The T-rex one is silverish gray with a wider brow, the Carnto is yellow with spikes down it's back, the Trike is red with wider crown, Anklo has a hammer tail, Sego is reddish brown with spots.

Also, am I right to say if you look at the in the bino and a species doesn't show up, it's a Gen Mod? Or is this a bug?

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Re: Gen Modded Dinos

Postby SaurianTarget » Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:51 pm

As far as I can tell, there's only one mutant of each species. Although are we 100% sure that all of these are the mutated variants? The Rex, Ceratosaurus, and Ankylosaurus for sure are; but when compared to, say, the mutant Ankylosaurus, the "mutant" Stegosaurus, Trike, and Parasaurolophus seem rather tame as far as exaggerated body parts go, they just seem to be a different color. Are we certain that those aren't just a different color and not mutated? This is all just speculation from watching tons of gameplay videos and livestreams, mind you, as I can't actually play the game yet.

And I believe if you see the dinosaur in the binocs and the species doesn't show up, it is mutated. The game manual says that DinoHunt Inc. officially denies having any mutated dinosaurs on the island, so it makes sense that they won't show up on their equipment if you find one.
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Re: Gen Modded Dinos

Postby khaos526 » Fri Jun 12, 2015 5:04 pm

From my experience I have noticed the ones that aren't displayed in the binoculars also seem to have a very distinct coloring to them, both in their pattern and eye color (seem to have a very bright color to their eyes).

My first encounter with a mutant was a Stegosaurus with a very visible (sort of spotted) unusual pattern, and wasn't being identified which actually came at me and was trying to attack had very bright green eyes as compared to a normal variety (which has normal eye color, bland coloring and runs away).

The mutant Parasaurolophus I have noticed, have a sawtooth pattern that is very visible as well they all seem to have a very red eye color. Though I haven't had a chance to get close to a mutant Parasaurolophus to see how aggressive they can be, but I assume the would just try and trample you...

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