Exclusive Interview from Jurassic World

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Exclusive Interview from Jurassic World

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Exclusive Interview from jurassicworld.org with developers of Carnivores Reborn! (15 September 2014)

original post by jurassicworld.org with pictures here

Today we are doing something a little different, and showcasing news that doesn't pertain directly to Jurassic Park, though it certainly should appeal to fans of dinosaurs and videogames. Fans of dinosaur games should immediately recognize the "Carnivores" name, but for those unfamiliar with the franchise, it is an immersive dinosaur hunting simulator that was most popular in late 90's and early 2000's. For a mere $15 dollar pledge you can own Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn upon release, as well as help expand the game into something bigger and better. In our exclusive interview with Digital Dreams Entertainment we discuss the Kickstarter, potential Jurassic Park "easter eggs", the possibility of hunting in locations inspired by Jurassic Park, mutant dinosaurs, Marine Reptiles and more!

Exclusive interview with developers Artem Kuriavchenko, Yaroslav Kravchenko and Maxim Novikov:

Chris: Hi! First of all, thank you for taking the time out to do this interview! I’m a huge fan of the Carnivores series- I played them on the computer when I was younger, and bought the PS3 version last year. To start, I was hoping you could tell us a little about yourselves, and your histories in the game industry.

Hi Chris, nice to hear you are a huge fan of our titles, thank you! My name is Artem Kuriavchenko, and Carnivores game back in 1998 was my first released title. I was a tool programmer for that title. All the levels, all the dinosaurs were made using my tools. After Carnivores I took part in such titles of Action Forms as Carnivores 2, Carnivores: Ice Age and Vivisector. With Vogster Entertainment I released Unbound Saga for PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360. And then worked on Carnivores HD on PS3.

Yaroslav Kravchenko is a Creative Director & Lead Designer. Yaroslav has over 17 years of professional experience. He is not only a designer but he’s also an accomplished writer and artist, and the original creator and designer of the Carnivores series. Yaroslav Kravchenko is back with the Carnivores team to make this title the best of them all. Game projects Yaroslav has worked on include: Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (aka Anabiosis), Vivesector, Chasm the Rift and of course, Carnivores and Carnivores 2.

Maxim Novikov is a Development Director. Maxim has been in the industry for 19 years and is a top notch technical guru having worked on numerous blockbuster titles including: Need for Speed: Pro-street, FIFA Street 2, SSX on Tour, CrimeCraft: Bleedout and the original Carnivores. Maxim is experienced in leading teams, development strategies, client server architecture, console and mobile platforms.

Chris: What initially attracted you to Dinosaurs, and Dinosaur games?

YK: In a young age I was very interested in prehistoric animals. I was very exited about this fantasy world that was in a past on our Earth. After watching Jurassic Park movie we decided that we want to make a game with dinosaurs. We wanted people to experience how it would be living in dinosaurs era.

Chris: Now, can you tell us a little bit about Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter Reborn, and what you hope to achieve with the Kickstarter project?

MN: We have game almost ready right now, and it looks very good on PC, but we had some many ideas that we wanted to implement and simply had no budget for. So we decided to ask our fans to help as make a better game. Another thing is that we wanted to know better what our fans want and what we need to focus on.

Chris: What are some of the most challenging and exciting parts of this project?

AK: Gameplay. Our game is a first person shooter but it’s not a typical first person shooter. We set out to create a realistic hunting game, only instead of hunting Deer, the Player is hunting Dinosaurs! It’s a slower paced game, where the Player has to track their prey, be aware of things like wind direction. Because the game is slower paced, more focused on thoughtful hunting than lightning fast reflexes for success, anyone can play this game. One of the hardest things to create is the Dinosaur behavior because nobody sees dinosaurs alive and thus we have to create such a behavior for every unseen creature and make sure not disappoint majority of gamers. Being a programmer, there's always a big wish to work on game engine or tools only, but the game experience is not about an engine.

Chris: Our viewer-base primary consists of fans of Jurassic Park, more specifically those looking for news on the fourth film, Jurassic World. How would you pitch this project to them?

YK: Imagine yourself a billionaire with the chance to travel to a distant planet in its Jurassic period and have a chance to go out, explore the world while hunting for dinosaurs. You don’t necessarily have to kill them, you can tranquilize them if you want but imagine the thrill of being in a realistic and believable, lush beautiful setting and having the opportunity to hunt a T-Rex? To be successful, you need to know the creatures tendencies and behaviors. You’ll need to track and observe them and be careful to stay downwind from them or you’ll end up as lunch. The play mechanics we have are simple but deep. Anyone can play this game as our focus is more on a realistic hunting simulation than fast reflexes.

Chris: Any chance of “easter eggs” for the die-hard Jurassic Park fans out there? Perhaps a can of shaving cream buried in mud..

MN: You never know… there just might be a shaving cream can already there :)

Chris: Moving to the subject of the game locations, the Kickstarter mentions you may expand upon the environments to hunt in. Any chance of some Jurassic Park/Hawaii inspired landscapes? I know I would kill to explore something akin to Kualoa Ranch. Another environment I would personally like to see would be snowy, arctic tundra. It would provide a fantastic contrast to the other locales, and give great visual variety!

AK: As you can see of our Stretch Goals, we plan for new level with predefined weather variations (dusk and fog). So, the new location could be a Kualoa Ranch, why not? We planned to ask backers about the setting of the new level.

MN: As with all our stretch goals, the fans will decide the direction and content. However, what we think is our coolest stretch goal is, Marine Hunting. This allows Players to put on their scuba gear and hunt underwater.

Chris: On the subject of variety, it is mentioned that you plan to possible expand upon the list of Dinosaurs available to hunt in the game. Could you elaborate further on some of the possible new additions? Also, will it be possible to bag Pteranodons as trophy Dinosaurs?

AK: As you can see, first two items in Stretch Goals are dinosaurs. So, we really plan to add new creatures to our game. The dinosaurs fans want most are Velociraptors and then the Allosaurus. These two deserve unique behaviors, with each creature fine-tuned to be as realistic as possible. Raptors are small but smart and will hunt in packs. Hunting them would be like a survival mode. We plan a double-barrelled shotgun for hunting them. Allosaurus are mighty creatures that will hunt you if they notice you. They will track you from behind and then attack.
We are small indie developers and content for realistic dinosaurs is very expensive. Rather than have a large variety of dinosaurs with limited behavior and AI, our path is to make the dino AI the very best it can be. Overtime we will continue to add more dinosaurs but each dinosaur we add, needs to be unique and behave in differently from other dinosaurs in the game. As for Pterandons as trophy dinosaurs, if that’s what the fans want, well then that’s what they will get.

Chris: Something interesting mentioned in the Kickstarter are the mutant Dinosaur reward tiers. Jurassic Park fans are no stranger to this subject matter from 1998’s Chaos Effect toy line (http://www.jptoys.com/toy-database/chao ... /index.htm), or more recently, it was revealed one of Jurassic Worlds new Dinosaurs “Diabolus Rex” will be a genetically engineered hybrid Dinosaur. Were you at all inspired by this development to bring something similar into your game? Further, can you explain what fans can expect from the mutated Dinosaurs?

MN: Yeah, those toys are pretty cool and the idea is fantastic. Our mutated dinosaurs will have the same shape as their counterparts, for example a mutant triceratops will have the same anatomical structure but the visual differences might be they may have a variety of different colors along with a glow radiating from without them. Their behaviors might be a bit more extreme and aggressive than normal. We’re still figuring this all out and will definitely tap into the Carnivores fan base to get their ideas as well. We urge anyone who is a fan of dinosaurs to please support our Kickstarter campaign so we can make this all happen.

Chris: If the stretch goal for underwater hunting/marine reptiles is met, how would you approach that part of the game? After Jurassic World hits I am sure Mosasaur popularity will see an increase.

AK: The amount of possible game modes to add to the game is huge. We started a Kickstarter campaign with few ideas behind it. One of them was to ask people to vote for what they need most. We have few replies and notes personally about underwater hunting. Having in mind that original Carnivores had this mode, underwater hunting (and thus marine creatures) is the number one mode to add to the game. And the creature to hunt to in that mode is still up to our backers.

Chris: I have to ask- the game came out on PS3, and the Kickstarter is for a PC version. What are the chances of Xbox owners getting this game in the future? I own an Xbox One, and would love to play the game there as well!

AK: I did some cross-platform development in my carrier. And I have to say it's a hard work. I think, there is a better way for small team - focus on one platform at a time. This simplifies current development and lets you add new features or fix annoying bugs when you switch to a different platform. Future ports of our game depends on the demand of our fans.

MN We want very much to put this product across all platforms and if the PC version is successful we will discuss with our licensors the possibility of making this happen.

Chris: Once again, I want to thank you for your time! Anything else you would care to add, perhaps an additional teaser of whats to come, or an added piece of an incentive to attract potential backers and long time Carnivores fans?

AK: Thank you very much for the interest to our game. It's a pleasure for us to share some new screenshots with your readers.

MN: We want to urge all the readers out there who think this is a cool idea for a game to support our Kickstarter Campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/di ... ter-reborn . The game is priced very reasonably and for only $15.00 they can be hunting dinosaurs!

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